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Veterinary Surgeon

Deborah - Veterinary Surgeon
Deborah BVM&S MRCVS OV Veterinary Surgeon

For years Debbie has pondered which veterinary specialty to advance her efforts in, but always comes back to the fact that she loves being a GP and getting involved in almost all aspects of medicine and surgery (though she's happy to leave the broken bones to Anne!).  She particularly loves complicated medical problem solving, delicate soft tissue surgeries and more recently has developed an interest in veterinary dentistry.  

Debbie has 2 small boys (& 1 big one) who have the appetites and energy levels of Labradors, so life is very busy when she's not at work!  She spends many happy hours in the kitchen cooking up delicious healthy food for her family, standing on the side of a football or Rugby pitch, is a Beaver leader and a member of the school PTA!  She loves to ski, scuba and generally tries to keep herself fit.